What’s Wrong with Your Engine?

There is nothing more unsettling than having your “Check Engine” light come on.  Many will try to tell you that light will come on for any number of different reasons, few of which have anything to do with any real engine problems. Therefore, they may lead you to believe that it’s perfectly fine to ignore such a signal. Unfortunately, that could prove to be a costly mistake.

Remember that your car’s operation is controlled by an onboard computer system. When your check engine light comes on it is your vehicle’s computer telling you that something is wrong with the engine system. It can be as simple as increased emissions, or something much more ominous. A quick engine diagnostics check will let you know for sure what’s happening.

Typically, the problems indicated by the check engine light are minor. They may include:

  • Malfunctioning engine components
  • Worn engine parts needing replacement
  • Fluid back-up into the air charge of the cylinders

Whatever the problems may be, identifying and addressing them now can save both money and stress compared to dealing with major engine issues later.

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While your Check Engine light doesn’t necessarily mean that major engine issues are occurring, it isn’t something that you should avoid, either. After a quick engine diagnostics test done by one of our technicians here at La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment, we can pinpoint the problem and get to work addressing it. If you’re concerned about us trying to invent problems in an effort to upsell you, don’t worry; customer service and satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

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