Time for an Oil Change?

Regular oil changes are needed to keep your car’s engine lubricated and operating at the proper temperature. This is because the oil used in your engine breaks down slowly as it is cycled through the engine. This leads to a change in viscosity over time, and when that change becomes too great, new oil is needed to keep everything functioning.

Signs It Is Time

If any of the following are true, it is time for you to get your oil changed.

  • You have exceeded the manufacturer’s mileage recommendation (3,000 miles for older vehicles, 5,000 miles for newer vehicles).
  • It has been more than a year since the last change, regardless of the vehicle’s mileage.
  • The oil is dark brown-black on the stick when you check it.
  • The oil level is low.

Oil Changes at La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment

When you get your oil changed at our facility, you can expect that your oil and oil filter will be changed out to the manufacturer’s specification. You’ll also get the chance to ask questions about your vehicle’s performance, and to automatically get your air filter and other routine fluid levels checked. That way, you know if your vehicle needs anything else to stay in peak condition. When you need an oil change in La Mesa, call us at call us at 619.670.6200.

Why Us?

We offer same-day service for most repairs and maintenance. We go the extra mile when it comes to quality auto repair.

  • High Quality Replacement Parts
  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround

Featured Review:

“Bringing several cars in, they always give you an honest opinion and never try to rip you off, like some mechanics.”
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