Engine Diagnostics

While your Check Engine light doesn’t necessarily mean that major engine issues are occurring, it isn’t something that you should avoid, either. After a quick engine diagnostics we can pinpoint the problem and get to work addressing it.

Brake Repair

Whether you’re in need of a simple brake check or total replacement, you can count on us delivering dealership-quality service at a fraction of the cost.


Our skilled team of technicians can perform an auto alignment check in no time at all. Once the alignment issues have been identified, we’ll quickly get to work performing the necessary adjustments.

La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment

Quality Auto Repairs In La Mesa At A Reasonable Price.

La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment is a family owned business that specializes in domestic and foreign automotive repairs. Our service technicians are ASE certified and have years of experience in the car industry which allows us to provide you an unmatched automotive service experience.

From the time you receive your estimate until the moment you pick up your car, you will see what separates La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment from the competition.

Friendly as can be
Very fair price
Quick turnaround
High quality