Give Your Car’s AC the TLC It Needs

Nothing beats a nice, relaxing drive on a hot summer afternoon. That is, of course, if your car’s air conditioning system is functioning properly. Stepping into a hot car that’s been sitting outside in the heat can be like entering into an oven. If your vehicle’s AC isn’t performing up to par, then a short drive can quickly turn into a torturous trek.

Spotting the Signs of AC System Issues

Vehicle AC systems rarely go from blowing ice-cold air one day to desert-hot misery the next. Typically, the onset of AC issues happens gradually. This allows you to have needed car AC repair done long before the system fails entirely. The trick is knowing what subtle signs may indicate that an issue is occurring. These can include:

  • A gradual increase in the temperature of the air your AC systems produces.
  • Random fluctuations in air temperature.
  • Noises coming from your AC system.

In most cases, issues are caused by simple coolant leaks or condensation buildup on system components. We can usually address these with a quick inspection and cleaning or by replenishing the coolant system.

Your car can be the ultimate summer companion, but only if it’s AC is able to keep you cool. Keeping up on its maintenance through routine car AC service guarantees you relief when temperatures start to climb. Our certified mechanics at La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment will address your vehicle’s AC needs with the same level of service you’d expect from a dealership (only at a much lower price).

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