Is Your Transmission Affecting Your Ride?

You’ve become accustomed to your car delivering a smooth ride and rapid acceleration. When that experience starts to deteriorate, you justifiably want to know why. When issues with your vehicle’s sustained movement and acceleration occur, you may peg the most likely culprit as being engine problems. In reality, such issues could actually be your car’s way of telling you it’s in need of transmission service.

Difficulties with shifting into the right gear or slipping out of gear can cause your ride to become uncomfortable and unsafe. Knowing where the problem is coming from is the most important step in the journey to correct it. Signs that it may be originating from your vehicle’s transmission system may include:

  • Sporadic jerking or surging while you’re driving
  • Noise coming from the transmission system
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Grinding while attempting to shift a manual transmission

In many cases, the issues may be remedied by simply changing the transmission fluid. Vital parts of your transmission system can suffer from sludge buildup if fluid isn’t replaced on a regular basis. If you happen to notice a burning smell, that could indicate that actual parts may be failing.

Trust Us with Your Transmission

Overhauling or replacing your vehicle’s transmission can be a huge expense, and one that can be easily avoided if you remember to seek transmission repair when it’s needed. We at La Mesa Automotive N’ Alignment would be happy to provide such a service. We pride ourselves on being able to offer dealership-level services at repair shop-level prices.

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